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Kerri Keng, M.S. MIT

I am Kerri Keng, a mechanical engineer, biomedical engineer and an applied mathematician from MIT with over a decade of experiences in research, industry, and STEM education. I researched in the impact of zero gravity on astronauts’ bone loss problems as well as adapting conducting plastic materials in soldiers’ cumbersome equipment. I also mentored software engineers in a high-tech company that develops computational tools for scientists and engineers.

My passion in mentoring led me to a career in STEM teaching and career consultation. As a professional tutor and a teacher in a private school, I have worked with K-12 learners from both structured school settings and unschooling families. Some of my students just shy away from math and some of my students are excelling to become professional engineers.

It is ok if your child has no interest in STEM subjects because diversity is what makes the world beautiful. But how do you provide the support that YOUR child needs?

This blog is where I share my interdisciplinary and cross-industry experiences ranging from a classroom to a high-tech company interviewing room.

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